Designing an Ethical And Sustainable Farm Brand Identity

Those who know me well will also know that as well and branding and design, my other love is the land. Over the past fifteen plus years I’ve developed a deep interest in all things wildlife and farming, particularly growing organically and managing land sustainably. I extend these practices to my design work, where possible, too (such as using sustainable materials in print)! I grow my own vegetables in a rather large plot (approximately 80 meters long and 6 meters wide… which works out around the size of a triple allotment!), and forage my own food and preserve at every given opportunity. It wouldn’t therefore come as a surprise that the work I find the easiest and most enjoyable is anything that aligns with this ethos.

Enter Lydia and Clive Handy and their 300-acre farm in Hampen, Andoversford, just out the outskirts of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. As seventh-generation custodians of their land, they’ve poured their heart and soul into turning back to older methods of farming, honouring their land and taking a holistic method to consider every part of their farm to practice regenerative farming.

In need of a new identity, the logo had to be reassuring and charming with a hand-finished style, to reflect their heritage, artisan products and handmade approach.

The finished identity features a monogram of the letter ‘H’, designed as a cross-bar gate, with a nod to some of the what’s grown on the farm; sanfoin (a brilliant forage legume) and the Devon Closewool sheep (Lydia grows the sheep for meat as well as their wool, which she then also uses for yarn, to plant dye and weave into some beautiful homewares).

We also sent the logo files over to our friends at The English Stamp Company to create a wooden stamp for use on packaging and products to sell at their farm shop ‘The Three Turnips’ and at local farmer’s markets.

After the project was complete, Lydia very kindly sent over a testimonial of her experience, which I couldn’t be more grateful for.

“Word of mouth brought Charli to us and she has been everything and more than we had hoped.  She is a true professional, she listened intently and very quickly and intelligently grasped the essence of our farming business, our heritage and most importantly our sustainable and ethical ethos.  Charli has been a delight to work with, both imaginative and practical, accurate and articulate and always finding solutions to challenging problems.  Our branding is a great success and the website is brilliant, informative, attractive and easy to navigate.  It has lead to many new relationships with conservation and educational bodies, fellow farmers and interested followers and of course, customers wishing to purchaser our homegrown produce.  I cannot speak too highly of Charli and would not hesitate to recommend her.”
– Lydia Handy, Homegrown at Hampen

There’s so many inspiring projects on the go at the farm, I could write another paragraph or two to tell you about them but it simply wouldn’t do them justice, so I encourage you to explore their website for yourself:

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