I’m Charli Peake. I’m passionate about beautiful design and meticulous about detail.


I have worked on a wide variety of brand design projects and provide consultancy services for both large organisations and smaller local and start-up businesses.

my experience

Combining 15 years experience across identity design, marketing and business development, I gently guide and help craft strong, recognisable and lasting brand identities.


I take an immersive and holistic approach to gaining a deep understanding of a project, provide guidance to communicating powerful brand messages with personality and heart, identifying opportunities and help accelerate brands to success.


With thorough market research, extensive design know-how and a set of pretty excellent organisational skills, I work to develop ambitious and realistic brand strategies.


I collaborate closely with my clients by encouraging input and contribution of ideas to enable deep discussion. This ensures that the final result is something that everyone is proud of and feels empowered to implement and embody at the heart of their organisation.

During my ‘spare time’ away from the screen you’ll likely see me wandering through Broadway with my family and Shadow, our Siberian Husky, or – more often than not – covered in a healthy layer of fresh dirt following a harvest from our organic veg patch!

Having grown up in broadway and established my business here, my roots are set firmly in our beautiful cotswold village.


In today’s world, as well as recognising our ability to reach far and wide, community – now more than ever – needs to be nurtured and is at danger of becoming disconnected. I believe that we should all be working to make changes for future generations close to home, too, so in addition to maintaining strong relationships with clients globally, I also work with many local businesses.

I give back to my community by editing and designing our local village publication The Broadway Magazine and work with various village and local not-for-profit organisations.


The Broadway Magazine provides not only a vital form of communication for older generations and those who don’t have access to computers, but also acts to support local independent business, encouraging residents of the village and visitors to the area to sustain the local economy.

a note on ethics & sustainability

I have personally made commitments to Design Declares, Clean Creatives, the Better Business Act and the ethical move., These organisations are all taking a stance in the design and marketing industries to do good through education and gathering momentum for sustainability practice, social justice, and ethical business and marketing practice.


I encourage all of my clients to take a sustainable approach where possible and will never do work for a business whose ethos does not align with my own to do no harm and play their part to make the world a better place.

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