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Developing trust in brands is essential for a business to survive, as consumers now demand authenticity and integrity in today’s world.


I offer one-to-one brand consultancy sessions to help refine visions, provide support and guidance in developing your brand, and work through any challenges to delivering a range of effective communications.


During a one-to-one session we’ll work together to work through whatever you need to develop an exciting but realistic strategy for your business, which enables you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Spend a day together during a bespoke one-to-one session where I’ll help you to refine and bring clarity to your brand vision, guide you to forging a clear path forward and leave you feeling motivated to fulfil your goals.

The Focus Session – 3 hours

Over the course of a three-hour session (choose from a morning or afternoon to suit you), designed to work through a specific issue, we’ll delve into the finer details to help you find a way forward for whatever you wish to focus on for your brand.


We’ll end the session with clarity on your chosen topic and a realistic, actionable to-do list to help you achieve your goals.


Questions you may have could include topics such as “I don’t know how to reach my target audience”, “Can you help me to create and monitor an effective email marketing campaign” or “How can I introduce more personality to my brand?”

The Full Brand Session – 8 hours

Your brand must find the find balance between being visually attractive and distinctive to your target audience, whilst also working for you commercially.


Starting with ensuring you have a clear vision, we’ll delve into everything needed and ensure you come out the other side with a set of realistic goals to drive your business to success, and motivated with the knowledge to make it happen.


A full-day workshop (8 hours, with an hour lunch break) can be used in any way you might need, whether you’re currently formulating a brand new business, looking to grow your existing business and add to your product offering, or develop stronger customer loyalty for your existing brand.

I have over a decade’s experience of working with heritage and lifestyle consumer brands, so if you’re not sure if I can help or want to find out if we’re a good fit, just ask!

Brand Mentoring & Guardianship

A package created specifically for existing clients who have worked with me to develop a new brand from the ground up, refresh their existing offering, or have previously taken consultancy with me.


By allocating a small amount of time on a regular basis over a phone call or zoom session, you will be able to move forward in growing your brand with confidence and ensure your efforts are concentrated in the best possible place.


During each session, I will work with you to assess ongoing marketing activity, ensure that your brand message is consistent and communications follow your brand identity guidelines. We can also use the time to discuss strategy for any new communications you wish to develop. This will ensure that you stay on track with your business goals and responsible for how your audience perceives your brand at all times.

Creative Direction & Styling

Having worked with iconic heritage brands through to local start-up companies, I can work with you to shape your company identity by developing creative briefs and directing photoshoots which deliver beautifully crafted, usable photography for your business requirements.


With meticulous attention to detail, I will work to ensure you have strong, on-brand images which can be used to create impact and bring your communications to life.


Whether you need artistic direction and photography for advertising campaigns, website and brochure content or simply a set of images for use on social media, I have a network of reliable contacts across the creative industries.


From copywriters, to photographers and illustrators to call on when needed, it also means that we have a range of different styles available at our fingertips so we can choose the most appropriate talent for your project.

“As ever your approach is spot-on and I always enjoy our conversations too. None of the three marketing experts I have retained since establishing Azure in 2011 have approached my business like this before and yet this is exactly what I need. It is just brilliant to have such a capable and approachable consultant… You are invaluable.”


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