Branding a Luxury Letterbox Flower Delivery Experience for Blooms in a Box

When I was approached by Shelley at The Broadway Florist – an already very successful and established florist – to work on a new project for a flowers-by-post delivery service, I was delighted to get stuck in and work on creating something that felt every bit as exciting as having a fresh bouquet of pre-arranged flowers delivered to your door by hand. Personal touch was everything and we were keen to show that there had been no compromise on quality when creating the letterbox flowers experience.

Cotswold-based Blooms in a Box deliver fresh luxury flowers by post, available for one-off or regular deliveries through a subscription service. Flowers included in each box are ‘florists choice’, meaning that each box contains the best hand-selected blooms, according to what’s in season. Both an economical and also sustainable choice to showcase and reflect the changes in the landscape throughout the year.

The elegant and inspiring photography was by the brilliant Charlotte Burn (The Soulful Studio) who captured a range of stunning images for use across a variety of marketing channels such as the Blooms in a Box website, which I also designed and built, and social media, to ensure that the identity remained consistent across every customer touch point.

The postal packaging was designed in two different sizes for the main boxes (standard – which could fit through a letterbox – and large), alongside a set of instructions for how to prepare and arrange your blooms and foliages. The classic royal navy used on the boxes provided the perfect contrasting backdrop for any colour of bloom or foliage, allowing the contents to really stand out. Individual illustrations were created to demonstrate each step on a fold-out sheet, which we worked to keep easy to understand and follow no matter what previous experience you may or may not have, and leave you feeling proud of your final creation.

Blooms in a Box Junior

Next up, with the adult’s box look and feel fully formed, we moved onto the Blooms in a Box Junior edition – a children’s introduction to the world of flowers. This one was so much fun to develop. A burst of colour when you open the box, teamed with an easy to handle set of instructions, incorporated ruler to work with and a colouring page overleaf, this was a joy to create and the photos taken of Shelley’s daughter opening the package and getting stuck in speak for themselves.

A Blooms in the Box children’s party photoshoot was also created and it was brilliant to see the group of friends absorbed in the process and enjoying the colouring-in sheets afterwards, too.

Seasonal Boxes

In addition to the main Blooms in a Box deliveries, special seasonal boxes were created during Autumn and for Christmas wreath making, as well as another for Valentine’s Day. Special instructions were created for to fold out and follow the wreath making step-by-step.

The resulting collection of images provided a perfect set to showcase Blooms in a Box and the level of quality you can come to expect, as well as the variety of blooms delivered throughout the year.

You can see more of Charlotte’s beautiful photos for Blooms in a Box on their website: